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Aeromodelling Show by Pune South

05 Jan, 2020

Beneficiaries : 10000

Cost : 250000

President : Abhijit Joag

Rotarian Team : NA

Non Rotary Partner : S.P. College

Description :
Rotary Club of Pune South organized an Aeromodelling Show. This involved flying of models of various aircraft with the help of remote control. A huge crowd of 10,000 students and their parents thoroughly enjoyed the acrobatics of various aircraft models like Rafele, Sukhoi, Tejas, etc. maximum response and excitement in the crowd was for MIG 21 used by Ahinandan when he shot down Pakistan's F16 and Mirage that was used during Balakot Airt Strike. The project was undertaken to create a sense of Patriotism among the school children and introduce them to careers like Pilot, Aeronautical Engineer, etc. The children were really thrilled with the experience and parents thanked RCP South for organizing this event. Thus Rotary and RCP South got excellent PR.

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