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Clean House Competition by Pune South

Clean House Competition
10 Oct, 2019

Beneficiaries : 1000

Cost : 175000

President : Abhijit Joag

Rotarian Team : NA

Non Rotary Partner : Gram Panchayat Pasli

Description :
A Sundar Gharkul (Clean House Competition) was held in Surwad village, Velhe district Pune. The idea was to inspire the villagers to keep their homes clean and also to educate them about the importance and methods of cleanliness. 82 homes from the village participated in the competition. 10 groups of Rotarians and Anns inspected 8 homes each and gave them marks on 10 predecided parameters. 3 best participants were given prices of Rs. 2500, Rs. 2000, and Rs. 1500 each. 4 other participants were given consolation prizes of Rs. 750 each. In addition, every participant was given a gift of 5 stainless steel containers for household use. 100 students from the local school were given T-shirts and snacks. 4 schools in the nearby areas were given 1 set each of 50 books for their libraries. This was a part of our project of giving 50 such sets to 50 schools as a part of our 50-year celebration.

Images :
Clean House Competition Clean House Competition Clean House Competition